Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AutoTrades now at

FxStat Tradebook is a social automatic trade service that allows you to follow the activity of the FxStat traders that have the best performance.
Through Tradebook, you can start executing their trades and achieve their success. You can choose the traders you want to follow according to their strategy and their results, while you still enjoy having complete control over your portfolio and investments.
FxStat Tradebook analyze the signal providers, trades and strategy of each trader that wants to become a signal provider before accepting his request to become a signal provider, and they must comply with:

  • Verified real account
  • Minimum of 10-15% annual return on investment in your Forex account
  • Profitable performance during the minimum last 90 days with risk adjusted performance
  • Average pip/trade over 5-10
  • No martingale trading strategy
  • Due diligence on trading discipline and style
  • Sign up at